Most of the parts of an air conditioning system are essential for it to run. But if one part of an air conditioner deserves to be called the essential piece, it’s the compressor. This component is what allows the air conditioner to carry out a cooling cycle—it places the chemical refrigerant in the AC under pressure, turning it into a hot gas that then travels through the two coils to release heat from one set and absorb heat from the other. If the compressor doesn’t work, an air conditioning system will only blow around room temperature air.

Because a compressor undergoes immense amounts of work each summer, it starts to degrade over time. Eventually, the compressor needs to be replaced (and it’s usually best to replace the rest of the AC along with it). But earlier, a compressor can be rescued with the appropriate air conditioning repair in Mebane, NC—such as adding a hard start kit.

The Hard-Starting Air Conditioner

Hard starting is a common repair problem in aging air conditioners. Because of wear and tear, the compressor will have a harder time turning on at the beginning of the cooling cycle. You may notice the air isn’t as cool as normal, and the outdoor cabinet will make grinding and clicking noises as the compressor struggles to come on. You don’t want to allow hard starting to continue, since it will speed up the demise of the compressor and will also drain more electrical power, forcing your utility bills to rise.

Installing a Hard Start Kit

Fortunately, an air conditioning repair technician can help with a hard-starting AC. You don’t need to junk the compressor just yet! The technician can equip the compressor with a hard start kit, which is a way to give the compressor the “jump start” it needs to go to work. You won’t have to worry about the slow turn-on speed—the capacitor in the hard start kit will push the compressor into action right away.

Hard Start Kits Aren’t Permanent Solutions

The installation of a hard start kit will probably keep your air conditioner running at its standard performance for a few more years. But having to have one installed in the first place is a sign that you have an aging cooling system and a replacement isn’t too far off in the future. Your technician can give you an estimate for how long you can expect to receive useful and cost-effective performance from the AC after the hard start kit is installed. That way you can start to make plans for the eventual replacement.

If your air conditioning system is more than 15 years old, the HVAC technician will probably tell you that installing a hard start kit isn’t worth it—it’s only a patch to keep an already dying AC scraping along for a bit longer. The technician can help determine whether keeping up with repairs or going for a new installation is the best for your immediate comfort and long-term savings.

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